Kevin Totton began his creative life with a successful career working as a graphic designer and illustrator for major companies such as Disney, Carling and Tesco. He found his way into the tattooing industry with a huge range of experience, knowledge and qualifications under his belt including a  BA Hons degree in Graphic Design & Illustration, and an MA (Masters Degree) in Illustration.

Kevin utilises many of the skills he has acquired from his prior experiences within his tattoo work all the way from design right down to skin. His passion for tattoos and illustration drew him towards the art of tattooing and he fell in love with the idea of creating living art. Since then he has never looked back and strives to put that enthusiasm and drive into all of his creations.  

He has a tremendous passion for a huge array of illustrative styles and is always looking to try new ideas and styles within his art. He has a particular fondness for pointillism, bio-mechanical and anything skull related.

Oriental dragon cover-up. Big & bold colour work. Truly a fun piece to work on, I really enjoyed the freedom of this piece. 

Azog the pale orc from the hobbit on back of calf and zombie king on upper arm tattoos

Day of the dead 3/4 length piece. 

Mad screaming monkey hand tattoo!

Custom full leg design, skulls and day of the dead inspired theme.

Black and grey tiger designs on forearm and calf with coloured eyes. Who doesn't love the big cats! 

The triple threat dream team! Kruger, Myers and Voorhees. Work in progress of a lower leg design.

Another big bold beast of a dragon. Chest and 3/4 sleeve design. Enjoyed the colour and range of texture in this piece.

A selection of Day of the dead/horror and rose pieces. 

Something a little different with this owl chest design. Another free reign colour piece. Big bold solid piece that was a pleasure to have worked on.

Memorial poppy tattoo on calf and tiger tattoo on back of hand.

Linework and pointillism bear design in centre of chest (part of an ongoing design). A dollar rose with daughters name design on back of hand.